Cheap Digital Marketing - why you really need to review what your digital marketer is offering you

The world has certainly changed a lot in 2020 and Digital Marketing is becoming more and more important to businesses who need to reach their audiences in an effective and positive way.

Smaller businesses looking for graphic design, digital marketing, a new website, help with social media, Google Ads, Facebook advertising, SEO and many more online tools, are increasingly looking for a digital marketing professional or a digital agency that can help them with all their needs. And anyone who has searched Google for digital marketing agencies in Australia, knows that a one stop shop for all their digital marketing requirements is hard to find.

Researching and getting to know your digital marketing agency is a must when engaging a consultant to assist your business. Do your own background checks on who they work with currently, who they have worked with in the past, how those businesses have grown and whether their online presence is polished, professional and working for them.

Finding a cheap digital marketing agency that promises the world, will often leave small businesses who are searching for a cost-effective digital marketing option without any real results. Remember the old analogy – you pay peanuts you get monkeys? Nothing could be truer in the ever-expanding space of digital marketing.

Just like those shonky builders you see on A Current Affair, who have swindled a poor elderly person out of their hard earned money after a major weather event by promising that they can ‘fix their entire house’, a cheap digital marketing agency may just promise you the same thing, and leave you wondering what happened to your money when they leave you with a proverbial ‘tarp’ over your business!

Digital Marketing is not something you should trust to someone who has decided to start up their own business in their garage during COVID-19 restrictions because they are looking to make a quick buck, or someone who has used Facebook and Instagram for their own personal pages but knows nothing about building a business page with a real following or optimising posts to target audiences. No. You should research your digital marketing professional or agency, make sure they’ve got the ‘chops’ in the form of actual education and experience, that they can understand your business, its unique needs, and can back it up with results.

Do your research on Google. Search for “local digital marketing agencies”, or “digital marketing agencies near me”. Once you have found a few, review their projects and decide if they might be the right style for your business, and ask them questions. Think about what it is that your business needs. Who is your audience? How do they consume your information? What times of day and days of week do they like to consume your information? What are some pinch points or problems your customers face and how can you help them address or fix those problems? What is your tone? What return on investment do you need? What are your business goals? What stage is your business at in the customer journey? These are just some of the many questions that a good digital marketer will address when meeting with you for the first time.

Finding the best digital marketing expert for your business is paramount, and by doing your own research and asking the right questions, you are sure to weed out the shonky ones. Getting the best outcome for your business will stem from having someone who understands your unique needs, can capitalise on your product or service’s strengths, and can deliver real results via a comprehensive tailored digital marketing strategy.

And if they are fair dinkum, they’ll help you build your business, not just take your money and run.

Little Bird Digital Marketing offers loads of choices in relation to digital marketing. We have a tonne of experience in digital marketing, graphic design, website design, SEO, advertising, strategy including social media marketing strategy and much more. Check out our services and ask us some questions. We just might be the one you have been looking for to build your business’ online presence.

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