10 reasons why you need a digital marketer

Updated: May 13, 2020

Ever wondered why some companies seem to have great looking posts and post just at the right time? How they seem to have better engagement on their digital channels and are able to find content to post all the time? The answer might be that they have a digital marketer, or at the very least, a digital marketing strategy. How can you capitalise on their action? Read on to hear my top 10 reasons why you need a digital marketer in your life!

  1. No clear goals and not sure what they might be A digital marketer can help you understand what your goals and activities might be based on their review of your audience and their behaviours. Posts are then prioritized and customized to suit your audience

  2. You’re directionless Companies without a digital strategy don't have a clear strategic goal for what they want to achieve online in terms of gaining new customers or building deeper relationships with existing ones. And if you don't have goals with SMART digital marketing objectives you likely don't provide enough resources to reach the goals and you don't evaluate through analytics whether you're achieving those goals.

  3. You more than likely won’t know or won’t understand your online audience Customer demand for online services may be underestimated if you haven"t researched this. Perhaps, more importantly, you won't understand your online marketplace: the dynamics will be different from traditional channels with different types of customer profile and behaviour, competitors, propositions, and options for marketing communications.

  4. You don’t have a digital marketing strategy Latest research suggests an improved approach to planning will save time and money in the long run.

  5. Existing and start-up competitors who have a strategy will gain market share If you're not devoting enough resources to digital marketing or you're using an ad-hoc approach with no clearly defined strategies, then your competitors will eat your digital lunch!

  6. Digital isn’t given enough people/budget because the view is that it isn’t important When insufficient resources are devoted to both planning and executing digital marketing, there is likely to be a lack of specific specialist e-marketing skills which will make it difficult to respond to competitive threats effectively.

  7. You're wasting money and time through duplication Even if you do have sufficient resource it may be wasted. This is particularly the case in larger companies where you see different parts of the marketing organization purchasing different tools or using different agencies for performing similar online marketing tasks.

  8. You're not agile enough to catch up or stay ahead If you look at the top online brands like Amazon, Dell, Google, Tesco, Zappos, they're all dynamic - trialling new approaches to gain or keep their online audiences.

  9. You're not optimizing Every company with a website will have analytics, but many senior managers don't ensure that their teams make or have the time to review and act on them. Once a strategy enables you to get the basics right, then you can progress to the continuous improvement of the key aspects like search marketing, site user experience, email, and social media marketing.

  10. You simply don’t know how to use your digital channels in an optimum way Not sure which channel can do what for you? This is where a digital marketer can help you understand and capitalize on each platform and gear your strategy to those platforms that will perform for you and your business.

If you'd like more information on how Little Bird Digital Marketing can assist your business understand their audience, capitalise on opportunities and stay relevant in the digital world, get in touch with us today!

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