Need a new logo?  Here are some things to consider before deciding on your logo style.  It is important to remember these when submitting your design brief.  Considering these things will help you build a logo you are happy with long-term.  Things to consider are:

Logo Design

1. Understand why you need a logo.  Think about

  • What will you do with it? 

  • Where will you use it?

2. Ensure the logo tells a story of what you do.  How will it appeal to your target audience?  Think about

  • why you decided to start this business​?

  • what makes your business unique?

  • how do you solve people's problems?

3. Check out the competition​.  See what others are doing in your space and use it as inspiration

4. Define your brand/style identity, including your colour scheme and tone

5. Ensuring it is portable and usable across many varying mediums (think signage, small stickers, corporate shirts etc) therefore it is important that your logo is not too complex to enable it to be reproduced at varying sizes and on varying mediums

6. It needs to be highly visual and easily recognizable. The advantage of a more graphic icon is that it can often carry more visual weight. Ideally, your icon should be simple enough that clients can recall it even after one quick glance.